March 29, 2023

Norene Paulson – Nila’s Perfect Coat

In this episode, host Nadia Salomon has a fascinating conversation with author Norene Paulson about her latest book, “Nila’s Perfect Coat.” As a former teacher, Norene has a gift for crafting stories that tackle social and emotional topics in a relatable way for kids of all ages.

In “Nila’s Perfect Coat,” Norene tells the story of a young girl who learns an important lesson about the difference between wanting and needing. The book aims to normalize thrift store shopping for children who might feel embarrassed about second-hand items while highlighting the importance of helping others in need.

Through the episode, Norene shares her journey to becoming a published children’s book author, which took thirty years of persistence and patience. She also discusses the inspiration behind her latest project and her partnership with the non-profit organization One Warm Coat to provide coats for underprivileged children.

Listeners will be inspired by Norene’s passion for creating meaningful stories that make a difference in the world. They’ll also gain valuable insights into the creative process behind “Nila’s Perfect Coat” and learn how the book can help children develop empathy and understanding for others.