Jess X. Snow – The Ocean Calls

About this episode
Picture book illustrator Jess X. Snow discusses THE OCEAN CALLS: A HAENYEO MERMAID STORY.

Jess X. Snow is a Chinese-Canadian film director, cinematographer, public artist, illustrator, and poet currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Jess is working to build a future where migrants and people of color see themselves as heroes on the big screen, city walls, and pages of children’s books.  

THE OCEAN CALLS: A HAENYEO MERMAID STORY features the free diving grandmas (Haenyeo) in the Korean province of Jeju whose livelihood consists of harvesting sea life from the ocean. This book is about a Korean girl and her Haenyeo grandmother. It’s a beautiful story about intergenerational bonds, finding courage in the face of fear, and connecting with our natural world.

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The author: Tina M. Cho
The illustrator: Jess X. Snow


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