001: I want to live a life worthy of this opportunity

Posted by on May 21, 2014 in Thinking


In this episode of The Picturebooking Podcast I introduce myself. With my baby daughter by my side we talk about what got me interested in picture books and my purpose for creating picturebooking.com.

Show Notes

I briefly talk about my first picture book

I mention a couple of educational institutions 

I live in Northeast Wisconsin

  • My current home is Sheboygan, WI
  • My hometown is De Pere, WI
  • I love the Packers … and Brewers

My goal is to live a life worthy of the opportunity before me

My opportunity to create and share stories is a gift. A gift that wasn’t available five years ago. But thanks to technology I can tell my stories my way, and share them with the world. And when I get really good at telling stories I can work with a traditional publisher if I want. But until then I’m happy to write and paint and share everything with you.

My purpose for picturebooking.com

To foster a creative process for making and sharing picture book stories. Giving myself the freedom to learn and to play.

I hope to provide others and myself with a mindset to become better storytellers, and to help us find a creatively engaging path from amateur to professional and beyond.

I hope to inspire kids with my stories and how I create them. I hope my picture books become a gateway to a life of reading and learning. I hope my stories inspire kids to create their own. And I hope to have as much fun as possible pursuing the life of a storyteller.

  • :Donna Marie

    Nick, that was very enjoyable to listen to and it’s a pleasure getting to know you (and aDOrable Lyla–sp?) 😀

  • Thanks Donna! Lilah is happily sleeping on my lap as I type this. Life is good!!

  • :Donna Marie

    I didn’t notice the date that was posted. How old is she now?

  • 10 months as of yesterday!

  • :Donna Marie

    Also, I am compelled to mention—don’t overexpose that tiny little body to too many EMFs 🙂

  • :Donna Marie

    Great age! Enjoy it 🙂 My son’s grown and married so the next baby I’ll be around will be a grandchild in a couple of years.