035: Ben Clanton – Simple and Extraordinary

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Ben Clanton is the author and illustrator of the new picture book SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY. His illustrations and stories delight me. Ben uses simple words and simple pictures to make extraordinary stories. We explore how this works and why this works during our chat.

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Josh Funk recommended that I have Ben and his book SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY on the show. So I brought Josh on during the introduction to talk about his friend and critique partner. Josh has a new book out too, LADY PANCAKE & SIR FRENCH TOAST.

After your done with today’s podcast, you need to check out THE YARN, a new kidlit podcast by Travis Jonker and Colby Sharp. They put together a SERIAL-style podcast looking at one book (SUNNY SIDE UP) from all angles. Be ready to binge listen!

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  • Yay, Ben and Josh! Thanks for having them on, Nick. Great podcast!

  • Thanks Carrie,

    It was so fun having both Ben and Josh on this episode. I’m looking forward to doing a full interviewing with Josh … hopefully sometime next year.