027: Molly Idle – Art of the Sequel

Posted by on May 20, 2015 in Chatting


Author and illustrator Molly Idle is spreading joy and creativity on today’s show. We talk about making successful sequels as her third Rex book (SEA REX) comes out this month. Ok … now stop reading and start listening! This is a fun one! Enjoy.

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SEA REX. Copyright © 2015 by MOLLY IDLE.


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  • Love this podcast and I’m only half way through. I’m a huge fan of Molly Idle. As an aspiring illustrator/author this has energized me!

  • :Donna Marie

    You two were absolutely fantastic! I love hearing about process, especially from someone so gifted and experienced as Molly Idle. Just wonderful stuff.

    And Nick…hearing your daughter is too precious for words 😀
    Thank you both!

  • Thanks Tamisha! Molly’s excitement just makes me want to draw something!

  • Thanks Donna! Ya … I can’t help but sneak Lilah into the show. She’s just too much fun.

  • :Donna Marie

    She sure is! Her vocabulary is, of course, minimal, but you can totally hear her very full personality lol

  • Molly’s enthusiasm is infectious. Great interview, Nick.

  • Thanks Michael! You can’t help but be energized and excited when talking with Molly. She is the best!