008: Carter Higgins Part 1 – Design of the Picture Book Blog

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In this episode of the Picturebooking Podcast I interview Carter Higgins from the Design of the Picture Book Blog. I got to know Carter by winning one of her book giveaways last year. It was so fun getting free books in the mail.

And earlier this week I won another book giveaway from another of my favorite blogs, This Picture Book Life. So with Carter on the show this week it just seems like the perfect time to start giving back. Scroll down to enter to win a Jon Scieszka signed copy of The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales.

Video Excerpt: The Greatness behind The Stinky Cheese Man

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • That I’m still talking about Dani Jones (Episode 6)
  • A shared love of Mathew Winner’s podcast (Let’s Get Busy) and his kickball question
  • The importance of protecting your time for creating your own work
  • That I’m willing to share podcasting space … anyone interested?
  • How not to start a podcast interview
  • SCBWI Conference tips
  • Being Loud Introverts
  • Library rush … you better get in there before all the good books are taken
  • The greatness behind The Stinky Cheese Man and how it directed Carter’s professional life
  • Story time Reader to Librarian to Hollywood Motion Graphic Artists and back
  • How a boring Saturday night turned into a blog with 10,000+ subscribers
  • Talking about books in an empty room … or is it showing your homework?
  • The difference between a good blog (Carter’s) and a boring blog (Mine!)
  • Reluctant readers and slow readers
  • What it is like to be a Teacher-Librarian


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Book Giveaway: Jon Scieszka signed copy of The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales

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